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Reinstate Fire Fighter I certification (Recertification)

(For training meeting NFPA 1001 - Level I )
(previously certified Fire Fighter I individuals)

To view the Alabama Administrative Code requirements regarding Fire Fighter I Certification Expiration, Chief Requirements and Requirements for Recertification upon Re-entry into the Fire Service, see link below:

Alabama Administrative Code Reference:

Requirements for Recertification :

Any individual who was previously issued Fire Fighter I certification by the Commission, and whose Fire Fighter I has expired, may be recertified by successfully completing a Recertification Course as prescribed by the Commission. (The requirements for recertification shall not be construed as to preclude any employing agency from requiring any individual to complete any training required by the employing agency.)

Fire Fighter I Expiration:

A firefighter has an EXPIRED STATUS if the firefighter has not maintained fire service employment over one year from the last date of termination from a fire department. Fire service employment is any paid municipal, county, state or federal service that requires the candidate, as his primary duty, to actively and routinely engage in fire protection services. Volunteer status is not sufficient to maintain Fire Fighter I certification.

Please note, the fire chief of the employing department is responsible and required by Alabama Administrative Code to maintain and properly file the current required forms and necessary information regarding fire fighter employment. 

A firefighter’s current employment record must be maintained at the Alabama Fire College to maintain current active status.

Email Certification@alabamafirecollege.org to check current status.

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